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Journaling Prompts

Compatible: How would you describe the people with whom you get along best? Are

they family, friends or both? What makes them compatible with you? Do you share

outlooks and life goals, or do you share a mutual respect even if your outlook

and goals differ? What 5 personal qualities would need to match up make you

compatible with someone?


Cooperation: Can you recall a situation when you began a relationship with a

partner, colleague or friend that started in a contentious way but was

transformed? How did the relationship change? Did it morph slowly or did it

change as a result of efforts you made? Looking back, can you now see why the

relationship started on the wrong foot? If you could go back to the beginning

and change something, what would it be?


Beautiful Music:  Is there someone special with whom you make beautiful

music...where your heart and soul just seem to line up? If you're with that

person now, has the intensity of the relationship changed over time? If you're

no longer together, what shifted? Was it you, the other person or something

mutual? Was there a magical moment of awareness of your bond, or a slow burn?


Melody and harmony:  some of us play the melody, right in the center some of us

play the harmony. This is a great metaphor for much of life. Are you someone who

likes to stick with the main line, the general popular opinion? Or are you the

one who sings the harmony of life, living outside what others think may be the

norm? Does what you think will sound like harmony actually end up ever as

cacophony? Why? Have you notices that orchestras and bands when tuning up sound

chaotic? Have you personally experienced a similar emotional discord?

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