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Journaling Prompts

I did it! What is your biggest internal celebration – something that you’re really proud of but wouldn’t necessarily broadcast to the world? Is it overcoming something like an addiction, illness or a negative belief? How much do you give yourself credit for the positive outcome vs. crediting outside forces – family, friends, professionals…god? Design Twist: photos/symbols of who’s to thank

It’s my Birthday! Are milestone birthdays important to you? Are birthdays important at all, or are they just another day of the year. Do you enjoy celebrating each and every one, or just the big ones, or do you feel anxious or sad about the passing of time? Whom do you know who shows you that getting older might not be that bad (after all, what’s the alternative?) Design Twist: candles

Let Loose: What’s your favorite way to blow off steam and have a really good time? If you could celebrate anywhere and with anyone, where would you go and with whom would you be? And what would you do – Vegas or Home? Most importantly, what would you FEEL LIKE if you could have that perfect celebration – loved, peaceful, excited, overjoyed? Design Twist: Huge title word that describes feeling of the perfect celebration

Merrymaking: How do holidays factor into your family celebrations? Are they a source of fun and joy, or are they stressful? Has that changed between childhood and today? Are you the celebration-maker or would you rather be a happy attendee? Do negative family dynamics arise at your celebrations? How do you handle them? Are you rejuvenated by the energy of the youngsters present, the happy couples, or does it bring up what might be missing from your life? Design Twist: table setting or table

Celebrate and Remember: some celebrations are solemn ones, but can be a source of healing after loss. Have you experienced a loss after which having a remembrance made a difference in how you processed the loss? What did you or others do to facilitate the happy memories and celebration of that being in your world? Design Twist: White space in part, filled by something that brings peace in the other part.

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