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The Pages of Your Life Visual Journaling Kits

Rachel Kaufman


Help your clients deepen the journaling experience
by integrating right and left brain processes
...color, design and iconography transform words into vivid expressions on the page.

“The right hemisphere may be crucially involved in those unconscious memories which must be reactivated and reworked during the treatment.” Gainotti, 2006

About Us

We are the creative force behind the most innovative concept in the scrapbook and paper crafts industry - the kit club, community and inspirational source, Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. Since 2008, we've designed and sold paper crafting kits that use a trademarked, industry-unique approach to color, design, and journaling to help crafters explore their inner worlds. We take a deeper approach to scrapbooking - using it as a tool for self-exploration, self-awareness and self-discovery.

I created this approach out of my own therapy. As I began to expand on my written therapeutic journaling by using icons, colors and basic symbolism, my ability to understand my struggles, challenges and unmet needs in a richer way was greatly enhanced.

Our Kits

Each kit we create, complete with all the included supplies, is based on a target emotion. We specifically design each kit using color, icons, design and sentiment that encourage expression of the target emotion. Our existing kits have enough material to create approximately 10 pieces of art, by one or more clients. The supplies include solid and patterned paper, alphabets, materials on which to journal, evocative, thematic embellishments in chipboard, wood, plastic, fabric and more, a color medium (paint, ink, or glitter), an acrylic stamp, and, depending on the kit, a mini album to alter.

Ongoing Support for You and Your Clients

Our service also includes ongoing access to a hand selected, kit specific music playlist, journaling prompts, stock photos, samples of emotion-based art made by our team of designers, quotations and evocative challenges that include thought-provoking questions with suggestions on how to add
right-brain, non-verbal ideas to journaling to help clients delve deeper.

Visual Expression for Everyone

Our product and service are approachable, structured, and supportive. The kits use multi-media techniques, but are simple to use regardless of ‘perceived’ artistic ability. The catharsis available is profound, and allows therapist and client to deepen their understanding of the client's inner world
in a most meaningful way.


  • Build rapport through collaborative projects
  • Visual evidence of client’s progress over time
  • Tactile, fine motor experiencing helps alleviate anxiety and grounds client to present-time.
  • Provides a method of nonverbal communication effective for expressing intense emotions
    and ambivalence, which clients may have trouble articulating.
  • Kits provide containment and structure for clients while providing convenience
    and accessibility for therapists of all theoretical orientations.

Our newest kits are available individually or by subscription to guarantee availability.

We're extremely passionate about the benefits of these kits in giving therapists
an additional tool to engender growth, learning and healing.





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