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Rachel Kaufman

Founder and Owner

The publication of my album called "Sedona Moments', about moments of clarity in my life, in the Write from the Heart section of Simple Scrapbooks in Nov/Dec 2007 (click here and here) played an important role in helping me develop my teaching business, and for that I am so grateful.

When I first started scrapbooking, I covered events, trips and the like. I came to realize that the things I loved to scrapbook about were about my heart and soul. I'm a firm believer in the value of psychotherapy - and found that while other people were journaling as part of their therapy to get their feelings out and expressed, my best and most complete way to do that as part of my therapy was by scrapbooking and then studying and discussing it - so I created a unique tool for helping process my life. I am so thrilled and so motivated to share my 'way' of scrapbooking with others as it has helped me so much, and continues to, even to this day.  I have really enjoyed the chance to watch others take my vision and transform it into something that speaks directly to their hearts. It is my passion and my dream to help others understand themselves, deal with life's difficulties and celebrate their inner and most private victories through our craft.

I live with my family in beautiful Santa Monica, California, just 10 blocks from the beach. Seriously, you gotta come out here-it's amazing!

Rachel's Blog:  Inside Out


Felecia Krech

Hi! My name is Felecia and I’m so thrilled to be part of the SFTIO team.  I am wife to a wonderful husband, Scott and Mommy to two extremely energetic boys, who are 7 and 4. Oh, and I work too. I scrapbook for a lot of reasons, but there is one prevailing drive: to tell stories. I have long been a journaler, song-writer and wanna-be poet, (plus I love to talk!) so scrapbooking provides me with the perfect platform to get all these words out of my head and into stories. And because I’m an avowed supply junkie, I can always find good reasons to create more pages and spend more time in my studio. One thing my scrapbooking lacks is pages about me, in my own voice. I love how SFTIO encourages me to put me into the pages I create, to give a voice to the person who is usually behind the camera. One day, I hope my boys will see their mama in a new way because of the art we do here. 

Felecia's Blog: 15 Minutes


Jen Matott

Art is not only a venue to express my feelings, thoughts, and memories, but it's also a place to experiment with materials, record observations and just CREATE! I am a sculptural artist by training when I started scrapbooking, I just began to play with 3- dimensional qualities and techniques on a medium that is flexible. I must touch the materials, feel the textures, see the colors, and rearrange the elements. It just so happens that this is also a way to capture my life (in it's crazy entirety) and hopefully engage my viewers to want to get to know more... want to try the techniques that I've tried and create their own art. That is my personal fulfillment... to inspire others.  I have created a few original techniques in my experimentation such as printing photos on ribbon and other alternative materials.


Stacey Michaud

Hi all! My name is Stacey Michaud. I am a teacher during the day and an avid scrapbooker by night! I use the creative process to keep my sanity and record my stories. Paper serves as my muse and I love gaining inspiration from the products around me. I like to call my style clean and linear with a twist. Journaling is a must for me. I have been blessed enough to be published in Scrapbook Trends and Creating Keepsakes!  I also design for Webster's PagesTeresa Collins Designs and Lily Bee Design.




Kai Baldwin

Marketing Coordinator

Vertically challenged, blonde (most of the time), easy-going yet verbose scrapbooker seeks strong, bold, colorful and funky patterned paper for long-term, yet vulnerable and intimate love affair. I can’t stay away from a good line that coordinates well with other fun pals, especially “Chip” and “Tag”. I love to be adventurous with stamps and Stickles. Got flowers? If not, no worries, I do! I adhere to few rules and hope you like cutting and tearing it up as much as I do. If you’re ready to dig deep and expose your inner self with me, then you bring the bling and I’ll bring the ribbon and we can meet up for a sticky good time!

Whoops! How did my bio sneak into this one? Sorry! How embarrassing! Boy, is my face red. Let’s try this again…

Hi, my name is Kai. It’s pronounced K-eye or rhymes with tie, bye, hi, sigh… well, you get the picture. I currently reside in central Ohio, but only under duress. I'd much rather be "home" in western NY state. I started scrapbooking in 1999 after visiting a friend who had just attended a Creative Memories workshop. Looking at her completed page just sent little electrical impulses through me. I realized then that this was what I had been searching for. Prior to this day, I was a “craft nomad”, dabbling in a lot of different crafts. As a child I remember spending hours making my own cards, paper-storybooks, and collaged photo pages in those static-cling albums with hand-cut pieces of paper with journaling or quips on them. But I was never satisfied. I never realized what was missing until that day… when my friend’s scrapbook page opened my mind. I took a class and started to explore my own creativity. Years later, I started working part-time at the LSS where I had taken my first class and remain there today.

After a few years at the LSS, I again grew unhappy and disillusioned with scrapbooking. At this point in time I had only really had time to scrapbook two basic albums, a few gift items and handmade cards. I just felt unfulfilled. What I created didn't feel good enough, or just... enough. I considered quitting until a friend of mine pointed me here to SFTIO. I immediately realized that I had found my new home. Scrapbooking as a form of journaling, therapy, release, catalyst or just to share who I really am inside is where it’s at for me now. I will be forever thankful to Rachel for bringing her vision to life and I am very excited and humbled to be a part of it!

Kai's Blog: Enjoy the Ride Today


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